Joni Ready to Hit the Trail

Joni ready to hit the trail - Steven Kennard 2015
Joni ready to hit the trail – Steven Kennard 2015

Always keen to go for a run, Joni is at her happiest out in the woods and fields with us. She carries her supplies in her Ruffwear Pallisades backpack, so we will not be without snacks and water on our treks.
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Our Family of Dogs in France

We were quickly scanning old photos from our time in France when we came across this one of +Ellie Kennard taken about 20 years ago. At the time we had a beautiful German Shepherd Vicky, our old Joni and the playful Lhasa Apso, Millie. (Our young neighbour had difficulty pronouncing Millie so in time her name became Mellie, then evolved into Melanie.)
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Joni, Intrigued by the Click of the Shutter

I was taking photographs of the Forget Me Nots, when Joni wanted to know what I was doing. It was the click of the shutter that got that expression. Joni is 5.5 months old.

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Happy Days are Here Again – introducing Joni – 18/365

Reshared post from +Ellie Kennard

Happy Days are Here Again – introducing Joni – 18/365

The house was just too empty. Now it is just SO full of bounce and happiness and joy! This new Joni came home with us on Saturday. She is (I'm sure I don't have to tell you) absolutely perfect. (Border Collie, of course.)

I must relate a little story of how Joni 3 came to be ours. We were going to see her, not sure if she was coming home with us, for many different reasons. She is related to our last Joni, the one we lost in October. When we had finished looking at her, patting her and watching her play with her siblings, we stood and chatted with her breeder. The puppies settled into two heaps in their play area and fell asleep together. When it came time to make a decision and go home with or without her, Steven looked at her in the pile of sleeping puppies and asked "well, are you coming home with us then?". She looked up, stood up alone, walked over to the edge of the play area and put her paws up on the top. No one else had moved. She chose us as much as we chose her. So of course she came home with us. Looking at her eyes, can you imagine turning her down? And now  I have a new photography assistant apprentice. 

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