Bees on Milkweed

A black and yellow bee with clearly defined veined wings and fuzzy outlined leg parts is sitting on a bunch of pink and green milkweed flowers. His body is covered in orange fluff.The unopened ones are a lovely fuzzy pink with fuzzy green calyxes. The open ones are a smooth pale pink shaped like small cups around the centre. The background is mainly soft green with a soft blue centre. Another bee, not in focus, is behind the first one.
Bee on Milkweed

These cold and bleak fall days our wild and honey bees are nowhere to be seen, so it’s lovely to look back on the halcyon summer days when this scene was so common. Who would have thought milkweed flowers were so lovely? Have a lovely day, friends.
This was taken with my 180mm macro lens.

Philadelphia Vireo

Philadelphia Vireo
Philadelphia Vireo

This little male Philadelphia Vireo has spent the past two days trying to get into my sitting room through a closed window. (Pretty sure this is what this is, according to my bird app.) I guess he is seeing his reflection in the window and thinks it’s a rival male needing to be driven off.

Friston with Barbu d’Anvers

Friston - Hafflinger colt with Barbu d'Anvers 1995 - Steven Kennard -
Friston – Hafflinger colt with Barbu d’Anvers 1995 – Steven Kennard –

This is a photograph of Friston, our young Hafflinger colt in 1995, surrounded by our bantams. I originally posted this image with the post below on Google+ and have today brought them over to my website to share from here. 

Original posting: Oct 5, 2011

Friston – one of our Haflinger horses in a setting as idyllic as it looks – Dordogne, France

Friston was the first colt we bred when we lived in France. Haflinger horses originated in Austria and are always chestnut in colour with white manes and tails. they are strong and sturdy, even tempered, willing and courageous.

The bantams you see around him are an ancient breed “Barbu d’Anvers” (Belgian Bearded bantams from Antwerp), full of personality and a pleasure to see. We started with a trio (two hens and a cock) and all three of them shared the brooding of their nests and the rearing of their young together, as tight a family unit as you would ever hope to see.

René Delin, a noted animal painter had in his possession a pamphlet edited in Paris in 1617, which depicted a bearded chicken from the Pays-Bas. 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

What is it on that roof? - Steven Kennard 2016
What is it on that roof? – Steven Kennard 2016

The first day of my arrival in New Zealand (or was it the -1 day of my arrival, as I lost a Monday in there somewhere?) I thought I would take a little stroll around the neighbourhood and see where I was. I looked up on this roof and saw what looked like a flat stuffed animal lying on this roof. As I got a little closer to it to get a better look it moved its head and stared at me.

Cat on a hot tin roof, New Zealand - Steven Kennard 2016
Cat on a hot tin roof, New Zealand – Steven Kennard 2016

This character seemed amazed to see a Pom walking down his street! He was relaxing in the hot sun of this lovely Spring morning. He had to be the first thing I photographed on my trip.

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Cows are such curious creatures and this one was the first to come to check us out as we photographed the herd in Ontario. She hasn’t even finished the grass you see sticking out of her mouth. I guess she was making sure we weren’t going to be a threat to her calf and the rest of the herd.

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