Saint Joseph’s Oratory

Stars over Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal - Steven Kennard 2012
Stars over Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal – Steven Kennard 2012

In November 2003 I took a trip with Ellie and her brother to Montreal, where they were born and grew up. One cold, clear night Gary and I walked around the streets of the city to where I took this photograph of Saint Joseph’s Oratory with the stars over the dome. I posted the photograph on Google+ in 2012 and was asked yesterday where it had gone. I’m glad I was asked as it’s a favourite of mine and brings back such good memories of our time together.

Fog Clinging To Blomidon

Fog Clinging to Blomidon - Steven Kennard 2012
Fog Clinging to Blomidon – Steven Kennard 2012

I came across this photograph taken in warmer weather back in 2012, and have brought it here to share today with the original notes about it. It’s hard to believe that there will be days like this again when someone will be walking through the wet mud in bare feet, collecting shells or stones when the tide is out. Hard to believe when we are in the middle of a snow storm today in below freezing weather!

Original Post: July 9, 2012

Fog Clinging to Blomidon, Viewed from Medford, Nova Scotia – Tide Out

We have the highest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy (16 meters, 53 feet), so the view is constantly changing. The other evening as the sun was setting the tide was out and the cliff of Blomidon was encapsulated in a shroud of fog, the likes of which we had never seen. We were on the cliffs of Medford at the time. To give you an idea of the expanse, you can see the people walking in the foreground. The tide goes out and comes in at an incredible speed, so walkers have to be very careful not to be caught by incoming tides that cut them off from land.

Fundy Shore Sunset with île Haute

Fundy Shoreline Sunset with île Haute - Steven Kennard 2012
Fundy Shoreline Sunset with île Haute – Steven Kennard 2012

In the ongoing theme of the Sunsetting of Google+, and as today’s theme for a MeWe group is sunset/sunrise, I am sharing a post brought over from that dying network.

Original Posting: May 22, 2012
After my frantic rush to the shore to see the sun go down, I was rewarded with this beautiful end to the day. I wish you all a good night!

The View on the Way Down from the Lion’s Head Cliffs

The view of Georgian Bay from the top of Lion's Head – Steven Kennard 2016
The view of Georgian Bay from the top of Lion’s Head – Steven Kennard 2016

The waters of Georgian Bay in Ontario are an extraordinary colour as you can see from this photograph. Apparently they change back to ‘regular’ lake water colour once they become Lake Huron around the top of the Peninsula. This was taken from the top of the cliffs at Lion’s Head. This is a beautiful area of the country and I hope to get back there one day to see more of the sights that I have apparently missed but have been told about by commenters on my previous post.

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