The View on the Way Down from the Lion’s Head Cliffs

The view of Georgian Bay from the top of Lion's Head – Steven Kennard 2016
The view of Georgian Bay from the top of Lion’s Head – Steven Kennard 2016

The waters of Georgian Bay in Ontario are an extraordinary colour as you can see from this photograph. Apparently they change back to ‘regular’ lake water colour once they become Lake Huron around the top of the Peninsula. This was taken from the top of the cliffs at Lion’s Head. This is a beautiful area of the country and I hope to get back there one day to see more of the sights that I have apparently missed but have been told about by commenters on my previous post.

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Before the Bungee Jump

Overlooking Georgian Bay- Steven Kennard 2016
Overlooking Georgian Bay- Steven Kennard 2016

Our trip to Ontario this spring included a stay on an inlet off Georgian Bay and on one occasion we went on a walk with a climb up through a wood to the top of a cliff overlooking the amazing and unique colours of Georgian Bay itself. Note the absence of handrails (and the presence of rings in the rock for those who climb up the cliff from the shore). It might not look it, but it was a long way down.

It was a tranquil scene unless you suffer from vertigo.


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Lost Orchard Found

Lost Orchard Steven Kennard
Lost Orchard Steven Kennard


This is an album of pictures of the orchard that inspired the making of the “Lost Orchard” box, which is described in the video about my work. I was asked to show some of the trees from that orchard before it was cut down. I thought I should make a collection to represent these beautiful lost trees. There are 8 photographs you can scroll through from the Lightbox.


The video is here: