Bees on Milkweed

A black and yellow bee with clearly defined veined wings and fuzzy outlined leg parts is sitting on a bunch of pink and green milkweed flowers. His body is covered in orange fluff.The unopened ones are a lovely fuzzy pink with fuzzy green calyxes. The open ones are a smooth pale pink shaped like small cups around the centre. The background is mainly soft green with a soft blue centre. Another bee, not in focus, is behind the first one.
Bee on Milkweed

These cold and bleak fall days our wild and honey bees are nowhere to be seen, so it’s lovely to look back on the halcyon summer days when this scene was so common. Who would have thought milkweed flowers were so lovely? Have a lovely day, friends.
This was taken with my 180mm macro lens.

If there were no such thing as Menisci, water would be a splodge

Menisci Steven - Kennard 2012
Menisci Steven – Kennard 2012

Menisci on a leaf after rain today. I’ve been really busy in the photo studio working for clients as well as in the workshop (for more clients) and have had very little time for personal fun, unfortunately. I shot this on MP-E 65mm lens¬†at approximately 1.5x magnification.