Fox on the Hunt

One of the young foxes was hunting a vole just when I happened to be looking out of the
French windows with my camera nearby. The glass, though clean, has softened the images somewhat, but we get an idea of the energy and excitement of the hunt. Clicking on any of the images takes you to the full gallery of foxes and other animals.

Here he’s spotted his prey:

A young red fox with black legs is running fast, with only one foot on the ground as it runs. It almost looks as if it might fall on its face in its haste to get going. It is running across a green, grassy area.
On the hunt
A young red fox with black legs and ear tips is leaping, all four feet off the ground, parallel to the ground, with its tail curved out and down. Its head is looking down at the dried rough ground underneath. There is green grass and weeds around and the bottom of a tree trunk.
About to pounce. Bad news for the vole.
A young red fox, with a pale underside and black paws is leaping in the air, almost vertically. Its head is cocked down towards the ground, as if it's looking at something among the dried grasses and green weeds. There is a tree trunk on the right of the frame.

*For those who are concerned, foxes don’t play with their prey when it’s live, like cats. So the vole is already dead when we see the play.

A young red fox with black legs, muzzle and ear tips is standing with tail raised and arched. It has just flung a little dead mole it has killed into the air and it is watching the little creature fall. There is a tree trunk behind it and the bottom of another in the background.
Don’t play with your food

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  1. It must have been fun to see this unfold. I really like you “About to pounce. Bad news for the vole.”

    1. It certainly was, Marke. We are having a daily show of their antics at the moment. They were playing with a ball of Joni’s yesterday evening, seven of them just going crazy.

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