I Want to be a Husky When I Grow Up

I want to be a husky when I grow up - Steven Kennard 2015
I want to be a husky when I grow up – Steven Kennard 2015

In a previous posting, where we talked about a very cold and snowy walk with Joni, our friend Ursula asked to see a photograph of how she looked at the end of her walk. We were out for 2 hours and the wind was blowing the snow swirling around the fields. Joni never seemed to mind as long as we kept throwing her toy.

So here she is, Ursula waiting for you to throw her a blue ball! You can bring Mira along with you, though she might find it a bit cold!

Joni’s First Experience of Sheep Herding

Joni's First Herding Experience - Steven Kennard 2015
Joni’s First Herding Experience – Steven Kennard 2015

She took to it like a … border collie to sheep herding! Covered in mud at the end of the afternoon, she slept in the car on the way home and was tired for almost 2 days afterwards. Tired, but so happy.

A friend of her breeder’s helped us to get her into it and supplied the expertise and the sheep. She said that Joni has a great natural ability.

Happy Days are Here Again – introducing Joni – 18/365

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Happy Days are Here Again – introducing Joni – 18/365

The house was just too empty. Now it is just SO full of bounce and happiness and joy! This new Joni came home with us on Saturday. She is (I'm sure I don't have to tell you) absolutely perfect. (Border Collie, of course.)

I must relate a little story of how Joni 3 came to be ours. We were going to see her, not sure if she was coming home with us, for many different reasons. She is related to our last Joni, the one we lost in October. When we had finished looking at her, patting her and watching her play with her siblings, we stood and chatted with her breeder. The puppies settled into two heaps in their play area and fell asleep together. When it came time to make a decision and go home with or without her, Steven looked at her in the pile of sleeping puppies and asked "well, are you coming home with us then?". She looked up, stood up alone, walked over to the edge of the play area and put her paws up on the top. No one else had moved. She chose us as much as we chose her. So of course she came home with us. Looking at her eyes, can you imagine turning her down? And now  I have a new photography assistant apprentice. 

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