Bubbles of Ice

Bubbles of Ice - Steven Kennard 2012
Bubbles of Ice – Steven Kennard 2012

Sometimes looking down gives as much inspiration for design as anything you see around you. This frozen puddle with its bubbles is one example and I might well use it to inspire surface decoration in some of my future turnings. Clicking on the image takes you to my Macro and Ice gallery with other interesting mostly macro ice photos.


Ellie in Snowshoes

Ellie wearing the snowshoes we bought each other for our anniversary 5 years ago!

Winter is back and so are snowshoe walks. Joni loves them as you can see!

Joni turns a snowshoe walk into a snowshoe run. With sticks. As many as she can find.

Announcing a new Performance Photo Gallery

Yadong Guan, 2009 - Steven Kennard 2011
Yadong Guan, 2009 – Steven Kennard 2011

Pipa player Yadong Guan photographed during her performance, 2009.

This photograph, one of my performance photographs spanning many years, was first published in 2011 and I am using this post to announce a new gallery of the highlights of this aspect of my photography. You can access it by clicking on the photo above, using the menu under Galleries > Photography Themes > Performance Photography, or this link: 



Reflecting - Steven Kennard 2013
Reflecting – Steven Kennard 2013

Originally posted on March 15, 2013, this was titled “Reflecting” for a project on G+ My choice for this theme was a figurative interpretation. 

This also is the first image in my new gallery of black and white photography.


Friston with Barbu d’Anvers

Friston - Hafflinger colt with Barbu d'Anvers 1995 - Steven Kennard -
Friston – Hafflinger colt with Barbu d’Anvers 1995 – Steven Kennard –

This is a photograph of Friston, our young Hafflinger colt in 1995, surrounded by our bantams. I originally posted this image with the post below on Google+ and have today brought them over to my website to share from here. 

Original posting: Oct 5, 2011

Friston – one of our Haflinger horses in a setting as idyllic as it looks – Dordogne, France

Friston was the first colt we bred when we lived in France. Haflinger horses originated in Austria and are always chestnut in colour with white manes and tails. they are strong and sturdy, even tempered, willing and courageous.

The bantams you see around him are an ancient breed “Barbu d’Anvers” (Belgian Bearded bantams from Antwerp), full of personality and a pleasure to see. We started with a trio (two hens and a cock) and all three of them shared the brooding of their nests and the rearing of their young together, as tight a family unit as you would ever hope to see.

René Delin, a noted animal painter had in his possession a pamphlet edited in Paris in 1617, which depicted a bearded chicken from the Pays-Bas. 


Fundy Shore Sunset with île Haute

Fundy Shoreline Sunset with île Haute - Steven Kennard 2012
Fundy Shoreline Sunset with île Haute – Steven Kennard 2012

In the ongoing theme of the Sunsetting of Google+, and as today’s theme for a MeWe group is sunset/sunrise, I am sharing a post brought over from that dying network.

Original Posting: May 22, 2012
After my frantic rush to the shore to see the sun go down, I was rewarded with this beautiful end to the day. I wish you all a good night!


Evening Cyclist

Evening Cyclist - Steven Kennard 2012
Evening Cyclist – Steven Kennard 2012

Photograph taken in Karlsruhe, Germany. Originally posted in Google+ in 2012, now safely on my website in the gallery of Street Photography (click image for the full gallery of Street Photography.


Waiting In Lines

Waiting in Lines - Steven Kennard 2012

Waiting in Lines – Steven Kennard 2012

Originally posted in G+ for the theme Monochrome Monday in May 2012, this image fit today’s #joinindaily theme of “Horizontal Lines” on MeWe. I have already shared an image for that theme, so this is a bonus image, rescued and brought to my photo galleries on my site.


In Passing

In Passing - Steven Kennard 2012

In Passing – Steven Kennard 2012These two images have been rescued from the original posting on G+, 2012.

Original post: In Passing – Caption This

I have two images of this train window as it passed me by in the station. The second one has the man leaping up in his seat and leaning towards the girl (below). I never saw what happened next. He didn’t seem angry, just very animated and she sat quite passively as he carried on his monologue.

In passing Part 2 - Steven Kennard 2012
In passing Part 2 – Steven Kennard 2012