Aja and Claudia



It’s time to introduce our two Cornish Rex cats for the animal lovers visiting my site. Aja, above, is a retired breeding girl of 6 years old and Claudia, below, is her daughter, one and a half years old.



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  1. my heart took a leap when i found the posting of your adorable Cornish Rex kitties.

    I had been looking for an urn for my brother’s ashes – he is to be buried in Habitant, NS in July 2022.

    It would seem that this web of magic has brought me to your site.

    The story of the apple orchard holds much meaning for me and my brother.

    Our grandfather and several of his forebears were wooden ship builders in Kingsport and Canning.

    We are descended from the Bigelow clan.

    i would like to have a conversation with Steven

    until then, travel well friends

  2. originally entering your site whist seeking a burial urn for Alan’s ashes, the images of Aja and Claudia have confirmed that I am in the right place. my heart did leap upon seeing those beautiful, graceful and intelligent souls.

    i would like to speak with Steven about a commission.

    my brother will be laid to rest in Habitant in July 2022. Alan is the grandson of Halle Bigelow .

    for several generations, wooden boat building was the trade of our forebears, mainly at the Canning shipyard, now marked by a monument my uncle John (Jack) Bigelow has place at the site.

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