Teaching Schedule Autumn 2019

I’m looking forward to my upcoming classes in Ontario (Lee Valley Tools stores) and Maine at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. The full schedule is listed below, with links to the seminars, for any interested in joining me in the Lee Valley stores mentioned (August/Sept) or at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine, September, 2019. (below).

Lee Valley Seminar Locations:

Turned,textured and dyed box made from walnut. Lee Valley courses in various locations in Ontario, August -September, 2019

This workshop will introduce you to turned box-making skills combining spindle and end-grain turning. It will also encompass preparation of materials and tools, turning techniques for round boxes with fitted lids, and finishing. Different techniques in surface decoration will also be demonstrated and practiced, with the aim of producing a box similar to the photo above. All tools and materials provided. Skill level recommended: intermediate.

Center For Furniture Craftsmanship, Maine, USA Sept 23-27

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Maine, course date September 23-27, 2019

“This is an opportunity to strengthen your woodturning skills and explore new aspects of surface decoration by making exquisite lidded containers. Students practice both spindle and end-grain turning with small-scale gouges, chisels, scrapers, and parting tools. Steven offers instruction in the preparation of materials and tools, techniques for turning round boxes with fitted lids, decorative use of multiple wood species, surface texturing with flexible-shaft grinders, and finishing. Open to intermediate turners.”

Getting ready to demonstrate at the New Zealand Woodturning symposium

It’s always exciting to go to a Woodturning Symposium as a demonstrator, with the buzz that builds up around the trip. I like to take some work with me, something new if I can, so you see me here sanding the body of a new box before attaching the finial. I leave for New Zealand on the 25th of this month. Not long now before I go. If you are there, stop by to see it and say hello.

Steven sanding a new box to take to New Zealand- Ellie Kennard 2016
Steven sanding a new box to take to New Zealand for the Symposium- Ellie Kennard 2016

While Ellie was taking the above photograph I moved aside and she spotted my latest student watching sanding techniques from an unusual angle, under the lathe. Joni has recently become obsessed with woodturning, as do so many once they are introduced to it.

My most attentive student - Photo by Ellie Kennard 2016
My most attentive student – Photo by Ellie Kennard 2016

It is an honour to have been chosen by Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley catalogue late summer 2016 - featuring 3 of my boxes
Lee Valley catalogue late summer 2016 – featuring 3 of my boxes

… to have three of my boxes featured on the front cover of their late summer catalogue. For those outside of North America, Lee Valley is the Go To Place for fine woodworking tools. I also teach box making workshops there from time to time.
Thanks +Lee Valley Tools Ltd (photo by Lee Valley Tools)
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The 'Birthing Box'


This box was originally conceived in about 1992 and at the time was unnamed. It is made in African Blackwood, with tagua nut 'pearls'. The interior of the box has some smaller loose pearls, which seem to be waiting to be born. In order to do so, they have to pass up through the tube you see (one is on the way, as is evident from the bulge). It appears through the top and then is pushed out by the one following behind. You can see the older pearls in the tray at the base, with one waiting to fall from the top.

And yes, my imagination scares me sometimes! The box was finally given a name by the late Bruce leDain, a well known Montreal artist.

I am getting ready to go to St. Hyacinth, Quebec for a 1 day box making demo this weekend and was looking through older images of my boxes and thought I would share this one with you all.

My posts are all on my blog: www.stevenkennard.com/blog .

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Wired Box


This box is one I made a few years ago, seemingly quite different from my usual work, but in fact a natural deviation from some of the boxes such as Spiderman and even the Golfer's dream 2 which lies on its side.

The box itself contrasts African blackwood in polished rings with a finely textured cone section on each side. The ends and central ring are of a rich cocobolo, with one of the ends removable, revealing a hollow centre. The inside of this cocobolo removable 'top' is of mother of pearl.

The box is delicately balanced on two guitar wires which are taughtly strung between the plexiglas ends, suspended over a polished poplar burl base. The box can be moved freely along the wires.

"Wired" African Blackwood, Poplar Burl, and Cocobolo with mother of pearl, plexiglas and guitar strings Full information here: https://stevenkennard.com/blog/?product=wired
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New Turned Work


In Album Images of my turned work

Some of my new work which will be accompanying me to the American Association of Woodturners Annual Symposium in Pittsburgh Penn. this coming week. I'm looking forward to seeing old and new friends there and giving my demonstrations. If you will be attending, please come up and say hi to me.

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Great Article Written in the +Grape Vine by Mike Butler

Great Article Written in the +Grape Vine by Mike Butler

A beautifully written article by an old friend of ours (not so old really 🙂 ) appeared in the latest edition of the Grapevine. Thanks a lot Mike! +Mike Butler

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STEVEN KENNARD – As the Wood Turns! | The Grapevine
STEVEN KENNARD – As the Wood Turns! Posted on July 26, 2014 by Grapevine in Cover Articles, The Who’s Who. This Who’s Who was both a blast from the past and a very fortunate boost to the present for me. I have known Steven Kennard since about 1998 and it’s been a pleasure catching up with him.