Post Seagull Butt Stick Shaking Session – Part 3 of the Tutorial

Seagull Butt Silhouettes - Steven Kennard 2013
Seagull Butt Silhouettes – Steven Kennard 2013

Here you see the results of a successful #seagullbuttstickshaking  session, as it is performed by a professional. NB. Hardly any seagulls were harmed in the making of this photograph.

One last thing I wanted to mention about this: The first few times you do this, try to make sure there is no one around. They might think you are totally crazy until you get the knack just right, when they will see you mean business and stand in awe.

More Seagull Butts Than You Can Shake a Stick at

I know there is no such theme as #seagullbuttsaturday  featuring #seagullbuttshots  so I wouldn't want to bother the (NON) curators : +Robin Griggs Wood +Christin McLeod  +Sassi Sassmannshausen  +Lauri Novak  +Craig Szymanski  +Ursula Klepper  +Melissa Beagle +Ellie Kennard +Cora Triton  +Steve Savoie  +Pam Wolfe  +Joy mum +Jon Cassill +Tom McGowan +Annie Irving +Debbie Moran  as I know they are busy fending off seagull bird butt postings all weekend!

BUTT a theme near and dear to my heart which DOES exist, is #farmfriday  +Farm Friday curated by myself +Steven Kennard +Sofie Løve Forsberg and +Ellie Kennard and I know they won't mind being mentioned in this share of seagulls birds flying low over winter fields!

So happy Farm Friday everyone!