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The latest Frost photograph for some of those who have said how much they love seeing the details. Again, photographed with the MP E-65 macro at roughly 3 times magnification

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Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Café – Story of "The Jock Strap"

I have just had to move another of my videos from Youtube over to Vimeo due to unsubstantiated copyright claims. I posted this in December last year, but I know there are many who would not have had a chance to listen to this great story by the Canadian storytelling treasure, Stuart McLean and will really enjoy hearing it – either for the first time, or again. I had the pleasure to photograph Stuart during his Maritime tour, where he was accompanied by Meaghan Smith and Matt Andersen.

Over my photographs of the show, Stuart relates the Dave and Morley tale "The Jock Strap".

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