Looking into You

A young orange tabby cat is looking straight at the camera. Only the head, shortish whiskers and parts of the ears and shoulders are showing.. His bright yellow eyes have multi-paned windows reflected in them.
Looking Deep Inside

Rupert, our first Cornish Rex cat had a way of looking deep into your eyes, as if he could see into your soul. He’s been gone for over 4 years now but I still love him.

Have a great Caturday, everyone, whenever you see this!

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Badger Blue Eyes

A curly coated creamy coloured cat is looking slightly to the right of the camera, with big sapphire blue eyes. She has a face which has two colours divided down her nose: black with beige cheeks on one side, beige with black cheeks on the other. Her nose is half pink, half black. She has large ears.
Badger Blue Eyes

Badger sincerely wants to wish everyone a happy Caturday. The most sincere cat you would ever hope to meet, she’s been with us for 2.5 years now and will be 9 in February. From the moment she arrived from her hard working life to live with us, she settled right in and was the epitome of gentle kindness. She never seemed to mind her name changes – from originally being Clover through Aja to finally Badger. Have a great weekend, friends.

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