Teed Off!


When I am thinking of making boxes I try to avoid taking design elements for granted. For example a box doesn't need to have a flat bottom, nor does it necessarily have to sit upright. This is a box, with the golfer's 'tee' shape acting as a pull for the 'lid',. The stem of the flower is hollow. This piece was made in approximately 2002 and is approximately 6" long with a diameter of the petals of approximately 3". It is made from African blackwood and is turned, carved and textured .

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The “English Box”

English Box, Thuya root burl
English Box, Thuya root burl

The design of this piece can be traced back to one of my earliest turned boxes. That piece took its inspiration from my close connection to traditional furniture that I worked closely with in my restoration work. We still own the original box, made all those 30+ years ago in brown oak though the form has evolved since then to be more generous in its curves.

I still make this box from time to time, larger than the original and now made from thuya burl. This burl grows on the root system of the trees and originates in Morocco. It has a distinctive cedar smell, which remains through the years so that when the lid is opened, a smell reminiscent of pencil sharpenings is still present.

The box is 4″ in diameter and 3″ high. 

The 'Birthing Box'


This box was originally conceived in about 1992 and at the time was unnamed. It is made in African Blackwood, with tagua nut 'pearls'. The interior of the box has some smaller loose pearls, which seem to be waiting to be born. In order to do so, they have to pass up through the tube you see (one is on the way, as is evident from the bulge). It appears through the top and then is pushed out by the one following behind. You can see the older pearls in the tray at the base, with one waiting to fall from the top.

And yes, my imagination scares me sometimes! The box was finally given a name by the late Bruce leDain, a well known Montreal artist.

I am getting ready to go to St. Hyacinth, Quebec for a 1 day box making demo this weekend and was looking through older images of my boxes and thought I would share this one with you all.

My posts are all on my blog: www.stevenkennard.com/blog .

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Light up the Game


Around this time last year I was photographing performances at the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville. As I came out of a concert one night, there was a football game in progress at the Acadia University grounds that bordered the Festival Theatre. The lights lit up the field for the players, but beside it was a building which was belching steam into the night air. The setting sun cast a beautiful glow behind the scene of bright lights and the tall chimney.

It seemed the perfect setting for:
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