Winter Kale Fields Under Threatening Snow

Winter kale fields under threatening snow- Steven Kennard 2016
Winter kale fields under threatening snow- Steven Kennard 2016

In fact the snow began as soon as I took this and got back in the car, a real blizzard, one of the ugliest days of the winter (so far). I don’t know what this crop is, but though I wanted to identify it, the weather was so cold and miserable that I just couldn’t bring myself to go into the field to find out. It’s not Brussels sprouts as I thought at first. Let’ hope Spring is soon coming.

Edit: I now realize that this is a field of kale.

Woodturning New Zealand International Symposium 2016

New Zealand Woodturning Poster Symposium 2016
New Zealand Woodturning Poster Symposium 2016

I’m looking forward to demonstrating at the Woodturning New Zealand International Symposium 29 September to 2 October 2016. There are some amazing turners who will be there, so check out the site linked on the poster. And why not come along?

New Zealand looks like a beautiful location to visit. I will definitely be bringing my camera along on this trip as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On! box – Steven Kennard 2016

This box, titled “The Show Must Go On!” was made specially for an invitation I received to submit a piece for the American Association of Woodturner’s annual exhibition and Professional Outreach Program auction. The theme for this year’s auction is “Patterns” and so I decided to pursue a design that has been going around in my head for a few years. I have used the exterior of this box as a canvas for the creation of geometric shapes. Although the patterns seem to be static, they take on different forms depending on how the top of the box is placed on the bottom. The shape of the tray is also triangular when seen separately from the box, as it lies on its side, mimicking the triangles on the exterior as well as the small diamond shaped finial on the tray pull. The body of the piece is made in cherry wood, which I have textured and painted with gesso. The rings are in African blackwood and the interior is lined with polished cocobolo.

This box will be displayed along with all the other wonderful works at the AAW Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul, Minnesota, from March 6-May 23 2016. There will be a simultaneous live and online auction which is scheduled for June 11th.

Teardrop Boxes


This is a grouping of one of my most popular boxes, which I call Teardrop. It was originally conceived about 35 years ago and I continue to make them to this day. The simple, clean lines and delicate curves of this box, with the tapered point make it surprisingly quite challenging to turn. It is a box that I have frequently demonstrated making, at symposiums and workshops, so if you have been to any of those, this box will be familiar to you. I was surprised to see that it had never been shared on here and I can't believe that I overlooked it.

The box is made from African blackwood and is approximately 2.25″-3″ in diameter by 3.25-4.25″ high.

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Joni Ready to Hit the Trail


Always keen to go for a run, Joni is at her happiest out in the woods and fields with us. She carries her supplies in her Ruffwear Pallisades backpack, so we will not be without snacks and water on our treks.

I now have a new collection featuring many different animals, from the wild to the domestic, so you easily browse through past posts on the theme.

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This box is over 10 years old now and shows the very organic texturing along the sides that I was developing at that time. The top and underside was highly polished and it sat in a raised ring with its surface lightly engraved. The round, ball feet are in tulipwood (Dalbergia decipularis). Many people are surprised when they see that name. It is a tree from a very small area of Brazil and is not to be confused with American Tulipwood.

It's intriguing to think where it is now.

African blackwood, turned, carved and textured, Tulipwood, turned. Approximately 3.3" diameter, 6" high.


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Golfer's Dream Box


This 'Golfer's Dream' box is a progression from the piece 'Teed Off' that I posted last week. It can be interesting to see how ideas can develop. This box can be lifted out of its base, which is a contrast of organically textured and carved sides with a highly polished top. The box itself is crowned with carved petals that hold the textured cap and 'tee' with its vegetable ivory 'golf ball'.

African blackwood, turned, carved and textured, tagua nut, turned. Size approximately 3 1/2" square and approximately 6.5" high. Sold


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Teed Off!


When I am thinking of making boxes I try to avoid taking design elements for granted. For example a box doesn't need to have a flat bottom, nor does it necessarily have to sit upright. This is a box, with the golfer's 'tee' shape acting as a pull for the 'lid',. The stem of the flower is hollow. This piece was made in approximately 2002 and is approximately 6" long with a diameter of the petals of approximately 3". It is made from African blackwood and is turned, carved and textured .

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