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Dining Table and Chairs
Dining Table and Chairs

I wanted to add this project with the photographs to my site, as it was a commission from a few years back that for some reason never made it here! The details are all in the gallery below, click to view each in full screen and the information is posted on each. The wood is birdseye and curly maple.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful work of art, functional art Steven!

    Birdseye/curly maple is a lovely material for a dining room suite. Is the wood local?

    I hope the recipient recognizes what you created for him.

    And I hope you were compensated appropriately as the artist.

    1. Thank you, Jim!
      I’m not absolutely sure where the wood came from, it was either Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Quebec. It was a wonderful commission that included many other pieces of furniture and my client was very pleased with what I made him!

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